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 why the pro development institute & SSi

​Reason 1: Diversity

SSI Professionals benefit from a variety of training programs – Swim, Snorkeling, Freediving, Scuba Diving, Life Guard, Mermaid and Extended Range including CCR Rebreathers - available in more than 30 languages. 

​Reason 2: Quality

For more more than 45  years, SSI has provided quality training materials and professional education .

SSI is one of very few training agencies that qualifies for the prestigious ISO global certificate which provides better career options for SSI Professionals.

Reason 3: Flexibility

​The SSI Total Teaching System and Training Standards are the perfect blend of structure and flexibility. Flexibility means that SSI trains professionals who are capable of making decisions to be successful in the industry and meet the needs of the customer .

​Reason 4: Availability 24/7

​SSI`s Digital Learning sets a whole new standard: “Integrated Learning System” with Full HD videos , animation , graphics and personalisation online and offline to support retention - Paired with special  Professional access, print & download options

​Reason 5: Real Time

Digital Certifications are instant and with the MySSI App everything happens in real time.  If a physical card is requested additionally , it is possible – central print or even in -store store print .

Reason 6: Benefit

SSI Professionals pay one Renewal for the highest rating - no extra charge for additional ratings . Plus they receive free updates for digital Student and Instructor Materials,  PEG’s and Final Exams at no additional cost for the programs  they are certified to teach .

​Reason 7: Power

Instructor Trainer career opportunities available globally  for motivated  candidates . Instructor Trainers may conduct Crossovers independently without having to send Candidates elsewhere for an Instructor Evaluation.


​​​​Wouldn't it be great to have a job that you enjoyed so much that you couldn't believe you got paid to do it.

Becoming an SSI Dive Professional can make this a reality. You can actually have a career doing something you enjoy while providing you with the monetary satisfaction you deserve!

Most people focus on getting a "real job" however, ​there are many employment opportunities in the scuba industry that fit this label. Dive retailers and resorts have immediate openings for qualified professionals, domestically and around the world. The only difference is your primary office is underwater "having fun!" This type of work is not always seen as serious employment, so there is a constant shortage of skilled staff which creates huge career opportunities.

As a Dive Professional, you are in control of your own destiny. You can have a career in parts of the world you only dreamed of maybe visiting one day.

​Welcome to the Diving Industry.

​Scuba  Diving as a Career



World without Dive Instructors

​​Whether you choose to continue your education or start a  new career, being a SSI Dive Pro is a very gratifying experience! 

Besides all the fun you will have, becoming a Dive Professional is personally & financially rewarding. Starting down the dive professional pathway provides many opportunities to develop your skills and further your career.

Dive centres at home and especially dive resorts around the world offer many attractive opportunities for qualified staff with a professional attitude. 

SSI Dive Resorts around the world are constantly looking for well-educated and motivated staff offering wonderful career opportunities. 

SSI Dive Professionals earn their livelihood doing what they really love, educating and diving. And, the best part is, finding a job just about anywhere in the world.

Become a pro

​Reason 8: Demand

The SSI Dive Center and Resort Network  is expanding  so rapidly that the demand for full or  part time SSI Professionals is at an all -time high, creating limitless career opportunities  around the world .

​Reason 9: Support

Free Try Scuba and Try Freediving programs with Free Digital Cards in the MySSI App to support the SSI Professionals in acquiring new customers . Sponsored Free Recognition Cards for  Milestones  to keep divers committed long term.

Reason 10: Pro Rewards

SSI Professionals can reduce the amounts to be paid for Fees and or Kit Purchases by collecting PRO REWARDS  for issued certifications and qualifications per year – A unique Payback System.

Special Reason : DIVEMASTER 

Divemasters are allowed to teach Ecology Programs independently  = Additional income sources. Free Crossover  with sponsored material package.
Seamless attendance of an Instructor Training Course possible to further your personal career.

Special Reason: Training & Business Philosophy

The Diver Diamond and Total Diving System Philosophies promote equipment sales . SSI ´s menu - based ConEd approach and the combination  of training and experience creates „Better Divers“.

Experience + Training + Recognition = Better Divers