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Download the FREE DiveSSI App – iOS or Android. You can even try out some programs FREE. Just go to and register. After the registration you’ll get FREE access to Freediving Basic/Snorkeling, Try Scuba and Scuba Diver. 

Once you sign up for the complete program, you’ll get complete access. You can even choose the offline version and download the material directly to your smart device making it available anytime – online or off.

Environmentally friendly, no heavy books to carry around.

Digital is always online at

Download the FREE Dive SSI App and the materials are available online or off, anytime, anywhere.

Comprehensive HD videos, animations, graphics and photos to strengthen the learning experience.

Add personal notes inside Digital to discuss with your SSI Dive Pro. Interactive review questions to test your knowledge

How can I get to the Digital materials?

Yes! There is also a Digital Divelog inside the DiveSSI App. You can log all pertinent

information, take a picture of your buddy and divesite, geo-locate the spot and have your

buddy sign right on your device - it’s fun and cool! Then, you can share your dives right on


The App also features Digital Certification Cards. You can show proof of certification right

on your smart device. And, since we never seem to leave home without our smart devices,

you will never leave home without them. 

With the Diamond version, you can upgrade and have your Digital materials available on 3 devices – online and off.

Just ask your Dive Center and enter the SSI Digital Revolution – #REALDIVING. 


SSI Digital Revolution

The SSI Digital learning system is the new standard in diver education. With the evolution of digital learning, SSI has effectively mastered the uses of technology to strengthen your learning experience, anytime and anywhere.
Login and learn - By registering with your local SSI Dive Center, you get complete access to the SSI digital programs. You’ll find the programs easy and comprehensive, with first-rate videos, illustrations, animations and photos that improve learning retention.

Based on an “Integrated Learning System”, measures of transfer are strategically placed throughout the program to ensure the quality of your training. The programs link physics and physiology to why and how equipment plays an important role in a new diver’s comfort and confidence underwater. They also address the main reason you go diving — to have fun!

To prepare for class, simply read the text, watch the associated videos and answer the review questions at the end of each section. This will be the basis of your review sessions before going in the water. Your academic training can be completed online, through the app, in a traditional classroom format, or in any combination.

The MySSI app is your gateway to diving. It integrates a Digital DiveLog, Digital Certification Card and much more, all for free.

Download it now, and experience REAL DIVING!