Blue wave scuba

Defining Remote

Physical exercise before/during/after

Air, Nitrox & Fatigue


Historic Overview of Recreational Diving

Interval training

Why Join DAN 

Future of Dive Medicine

NITROX - A valuable tool, not a magic potion

Unexpected Air Pockets

DAN Travel Tips

To stop or not to stop and why

Why join DAN

Ageing Diver

Children and Diving

Scientific Diving and Safety Program Oversight

Travel Smarter Potable Water Safety


Water - The Diving Medium

Time & Recovery

DAN Student Membership

All Is Lost - Ocean survival

Water - Safe Diving in Fresh

Distracted while diving

DAN professional Membership

Ageing and Diving

 The following video's and information are courtesy of the Divers Alert Network (DAN)

DAN Southern Africa is a Public Benefit Organisation that provides emergency medical advice and assistance for

‚Äčunder water diving injuries, and provides a wide range of research, education and training programs that promote safe diving. 

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