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easter fun trip to sodwana bay

Instructor certifier


Congratulations to Chase Combrinck after completing his Crossover.

Your time and effort was well spent, the SSI family welcomes you.

​We believe your new job at Adventure Mania in Sodwana will provide you with the experience to continue your diving career.

ie at TEC Diving Mauritius

Instructor Training Course (ITC), Specialty Seminar and React Right course  held in Sodwana Bay and Hosted by Adventure Mania.

All the hard work payed off - Blaine Richards, Ludovica Parodi  & Kate-Lyn Comrie - now you have a licence to learn how to be Scuba Gods.

Also a big thanks to Adventure Mania for the logistical and moral support as well as Bryan for the evaluation.


Instr crossover - march 2017

Tinus conducted an Instructor Examination at TEC Divers in Mauritius

Congratulations to the 3 new Instructors that passed their Evaluation at TEC Diving Mauritius.

After all the hard work of candidates and the Instructor Trainer - Olivier Fayolle - it was a dead cert.

Another successful Assistant Instructor Course (AI) held in Sodwana Bay and Hosted by Adventure Mania.

Thanks to the candidates - Blaine Richards, Ludovica Parodi  & Kate-Lyn Comrie - for the hard work and attention to detail.

It was a pleasure to meet you all and play a part in your diving education. The world is your oyster enjoy.

Also a big thanks to Adventure Mania for the logistical and moral support.

Instructor training course - specialty seminar & react right - 10 TO 24 MAY


Congratulations to Tinus Opperman - A new SSI Instructor Certifier

Tinus obtained this prestigious certification while staffing an Instructor Trainer Course at Scuba Xcursion.

Thanks to Ronnie Kaine, SSI International Training Director, for the patience and hard work

A number of folks have come together to offer  Heinrich Corbett a Diveguide scholarship

Thanks to:

PDI for supplying a BC and Regulators

SSI for sponsoring his Diveguide and specialty registration fees

Mares for supplying a Pioneer wetsuit

Adventure Mania for sponsoring all his training

We all wish Heinrich the best for the future. May he go from strength to strength

Tinus staffed an Instructor Examination at Ocean Tribe, Diana Beach in Kenya.

This is the first step in achieving his SSI Instructor Certifier rating.

Thanks to Rob and staff for hosting.

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