Blue wave scuba

Instructor specialty course - feb 2016

PDI conducted a Instructor Crossover in Sodwana Bay. Thanks to all the candidates as well as the "students" that attended.

Welcome to The SSI family and may you go on to do wonderful things. 

scuba university - may 2016

PDI attended the yearly dive rally at Komati Springs. A wonderful opportunity to catch up with old students and see the latest and greatest in new diving equipment.

A great way to relax and catch up with a few dives in rather cold water

With food stalls, live music and organised activities a blast was had by all.

divemaster - may 2016

eagle rays sodwana bay - September 2016

instructor crossover - november 2016

After many months of internship, Christine Savva of Nelspruit has become a SSI Divemaster.

Welcome to the family and no doubt you will join us all in spreading the joys of diving.

Well done, Jacque & Amanda from Adventure Mania completed the Science of Diving Instr Specialty at Sodwana Bay.

It goes to show physics is not that a big a deal when you put your mind to it.

Enjoy sharing your knowledge with all your divers.

instructor cross over - june 2016

The Scuba University program was held by the creator and guru, Doug Mcnees, in Honeydew, JNB.

A worthwhile course for anybody related to the dive industry

The ideas, tips and new knowledge picked up can only help.

dive rally - komati spring - sseptember 2016 

Congratulations to Jorn Landman on his Instructor Crossover.

Welcome to the family.

Thanks for being such a prepared and enthusiastic candidate

Look forward to a long and beneficial relationship.

Rare and amazing footage taken at 2 mile reef, Sodwana Bay

This school of Eagle Rays made our trip

We are so privileged to take part in the underwater world