Education is a life-long process. Every year new discoveries are made and new technologies are developed.

 The point is this; there is a lot of existing information to keep track of and a lot of exciting knowledge to learn about. When you stop moving forward, you start falling behind.

 All SSI Instructors should set a goal to upgrade their status to a higher level so they can teach SSI Continuing Education programs and finally SSI Dive Professional programs.

Teaching SSI Continuing Education programs can be a big boost for many instructors. These programs are less difficult to teach, can be more profitable, take less time, and provide a change of pace from teaching SSI Open Water Diver programs.

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Staying Current

“Staying current” is a term used in the diving community to describe the process of

keeping up with current trends in the industry. It is important to stay current because

otherwise you fall back on old habits that may be outdated or obsolete. It is vital,

therefore, to stay current by diving, teaching, and communicating with other diving

professionals. Continuing education is another way to stay current, because you

are expanding your knowledge base. Here are a few of the most effective methods

of staying current: magazines, books and technical manuals, special interest

groups, consumer dive shows, active networking, and finally experience.

Ultimately, the best way to stay current and keep learning is through experience. By actually performing the jobs you are qualified for, you gain valuable experience and put your training to use.

In the era of specialization, you could even become an authority on a subject, maybe something that is in demand. This expertise could lead to opportunities not otherwise available, which could open new doors for you.