Squeeze Primary Effects of Pressure on Descent

Nitrogen Narcosis

The Concept of Buoyancy

Your Buoyancy Compensator

Taking Care of Yourself

Proper Procedures Shore Diving - Check the waves

Weight System

Your Gloves and Mitts

Heat Loss in the Water

The Ocean - We are all linked

Air consumption

The Delivery System

Taking Care of Yourself - Common sense

Effects of Pressure on Ascent

Developing Proper Breathing Patterns

Avoiding Panic

The Ocean

Decision Matrix

Effects of Pressure Surface / Underwater

Overexpansion Injuries

The Freshwater Environment

Executing the Dive - Entering the water

The Value of a Dive Buddy

Ocean Marine Life - The Coral Reef

Executing the Dive - Performing an ascent

Your Dive Light

Oxygen Toxicity

 Adaptation to the Aquatic Environment​ 

Your Mesh Bag

Overexpansion Injuries - Prevention

Underwater Communication

Getting Certified and Referral Dives

The Information System

Gas Consumption and Time at Depth

Executing the Dive - Navigation

Pre-Dive Briefing

Decompression Sickness

Equipment Care and Logging Your Dive

Diving Cylinders

Blue wave scuba

The Snorkeling System

Proper Procedures for Shore Diving - Currents

Proper Planning Procedures Dive Computer

Become Certified

The Basic Rules of Scuba