Blue wave scuba

Weight Belt - Remove & Replace (U/Water)

Compass - Reciprocal Course

Descent - Controlled Free with Dive Buddy

Mask - No mask swim

Regulator Clearing - Purge and Exhale 

Air Sharing - Stationary (Primary)

Pre dive check

  Unconscious Diver on the Surface

Equipment care - Scuba

Neutral Buoyancy - Hover

Air Sharing - Stationary (Alternative)

Bringing an Unconscious Diver to the Surface

Scuba Unit - Assembly

Mask Clearing - Partial Flood

Mask - Removal and Replacement

Assisting an Struggling or Panicked Diver - Uncooperative Surface 

Rescue Skills

Scuba Unit - Removing & Replacing (Surface)

Weight Belt - Remove & Replace (Surface)

Entry - Scuba giant stride

Unconscious Diver - Removing From the Water

Transporting an Unconscious Diver

Entry - Scuba seated

 Air Sharing - Ascent  

Scuba Unit - Disassembly

Snorkel - Entry seated

Scuba Unit - Donning

Regulator Breathing - No Mask - Surface

Buoyancy - Positive  at the Surface (Bobbing)

Snorkel - Gear preparation

Emergency Swimming Ascent (ESA)

Snorkel Gear - Assembly and Adjustment

Buoyancy - Check with a Total Diving System

Regulator - Breathing from a Free-flowing

Regulator Retrieval - Arm Sweep

Inflator Hose - Disconnect  Reconnect

Emergency Buoyant Ascent (EBA)

Cramp Removals

Entry - Scuba backward roll

Regulator Retrieval - Alternate

Regulator Snorkel Exchange

Mask Clearing - Full Flood

Weight Pocket - Remove & Replace (U/Water)

Scuba Unit - Removing & Replacing  (U/water)

Snorkel - Head first descent 

Ascent - Controlled 

Safety stop

Tired Diver Tows

Assisting a Struggling or Panicked Diver - Underwater Cooperative

Surface Marker Buoy (SMB) Deployment 

Neutral Buoyancy - Oral Inflation

Descent - Controlled with Dive Buddy

Neutral Buoyancy - Power Inflation